What is the most effective way to relax in order to replenish your energy levels? Tell us about your wishes so that we can achieve the best results for you with our personalised massage therapy. Health is a question of lifestyle, and more: relating vitality to one’s own lifestyle and having a new awareness of oneself. This also involves having an awareness of how to create those havens of peace and experience moments of tranquillity in your life.

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We combine the very best in a single treatment developed by our homeopathic practitioner and team of physiotherapists. Bioenergetics treatment methods are used to stimulate parts of the body in order to guide the autonomic nervous system to greater relaxation. Our specific massage techniques relieve tired muscles and promote suppleness of the connective tissues, thereby boosting muscle recovery and achieving a more toned body.

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Inhalation treatments, Deep tissue massages for joints, fasciae and spine and Full body scans are only some of our health offers. Find out more in our Alpin Spa brochure. Our team is happy to advise you. 

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We consider beauty treatment to be a fitness program for the skin. The type and condition of your skin are paramount and our treatments are especially created for both men and women. Your skin can be beautifully cared for at all ages so that it is healthy and radiant with our personalised “Skin Fitness” programme. To achieve this we use high performance active ingredients to tackle the signs of aging. Your skin gleams refreshed, is thoroughly cared for with natural products and tissues are firmed up. We will assist you in making your complexion beautiful.

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Açaì is a valuable natural product – one of the fruits of life. Cosmetic research has shown that açaì is rich in biological ingredients with an extremely high nutritional value. In its freeze dried state the fruit has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values and can rightly be labelled a superfood.

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