Sustainability on three levels is of great importance for the Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa. We value the sustainable use of resources and use them in various ways. Find out how sustainability is implemented in the Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa!


For the environment

  • Raising our employees' awareness of ecology and its needs
  • Creation of an energy consumption plan
  • Water consumption control
  • Collection, recycling and treatment of waste
  • Prefer to use new environmentally friendly energies
  • Preferably use reusable goods and products
  • Preferably use local and organic goods
  • Sensitization of guests to environmental protection
  • Turn off lights where possible
  • Only replace the bath and hand towels that are in the bathtub or on the floor
  • Establish the optional room temperature, taking into account the outside temperatures
  • Sort and recycle waste accordingly


For our employees

  • Employee retention in which contracts for the coming season are concluded in the current season
  • Employee sharing - Employees from partner hotels with high season in summer are taken over in winter
  • Recruit and retain talent - career opportunities, attractive work environment, diversity, reputation as a socially responsible employer
  • Healthy and productive workforce - health and safety, stress reduction, work-life balance, employee well-being
  • Skills for current and future workers - personnel development, lifelong learning & employability, career development & mentoring, dilemma training


For the company

  • Consider local producers and their products
  • Consider local service providers
  • Preservation and creation of local jobs

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