Wellness mit Kindern Schweiz
Kids Spa


Our youngest guests are in the Alpin Spa warmly welcome as well! Different offers and the Splash Hours are waiting to be discovered!


In the spa we have a wellness programme specially designed for even our very youngest guests. Wellness for babies and children is an active way for them to get to know themselves and their bodies. Baby massage is a very special way of communicating with your child. It promotes and nurtures body awareness and is adapted according to the age and needs of your child.

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Splash Hour

Our little guests can enjoy our Splash Hour daily from 4.00 to 5.00 pm. Outside these time kids are kindly asked to show consideration for other guests and to control the volume. 

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Baby Swimmer

Just like when they were in their mother’s stomach, babies and toddlers move with more confidence in water than on dry land. There are specially designed swimming programmes suitable for babies and toddlers. A special collar holds the baby gently, safely and securely in the water by supporting its head. It is suitable for use in the bath or a pool, and with the use of pool floats, as well as through fun and play, improves motor skills.

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