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Arosa Kulm Hotel

Once Upon a Time

Before 1882


Arosa confectioner Hans Hold purchases the house neighboring his farmhouse.


Spa House

Hans’ son Thomas connects the two houses and builds a third. The result is a hotel named the Kurhaus, with 30 rooms and 48 beds. Electric lighting, telephone and a collection service at the post carriage station are available.



After the death of Thomas Hold, the Kurhaus changes both its name and owner. A chef, Mr Scherrer, christens it Kulm.

1905 – 1909

The first winter season

First winter season following the introduction of winter tourism by the St Moritz hotelier Johannes Badrutt. New owners every two years.


The first major extension

As the first world war breaks out, the railway line between Chu and Arosa is opened and the "Bergfried" extension is moved 100 metres towards the Piz Kulm. The first larger extension is built in the same year.


New Owners

The Kulm and the Waldhaus are purchased simultaneously by Messrs Stoffel and Schmidheiny.


Park Hotel

The Waldhaus is sold and renamed the Park hotel.
Beat Stoffel remains sole owner of the Kulm

1929 – 1979

Major Extensions

The new wing, planned by the Zurich architect Professor Dunkel, is constructed and 160 extra beds are added. The Kulm Hotel becomes the largest hotel in Arosa. The Piz Kulm, originally used for all-over tanning but today a fondue and raclette restaurant said to have the best view in Arosa, is also built at this time. Various chairlifts, gondolas and funicular railways are constructed. The Piz Kulm becomes a fondue and raclette restaurant.


Stüva Cuolm

The old ice skating house is converted to become the Stüva restaurant.


Beauty Farm

The beauty farm and fitness college are built in the third-floor basement.

2000 – 2001

Alpin Spa

The Alpin Spa, with its state-of-the-art wellness facilities, is built.


137 Rooms

The hotel has 137 rooms, 223 beds, 180 staff.


119 Rooms

After some adjustments to make the hotel more intimate, the hotel now has 119 rooms with 207 beds, 140 staff.


Urs and Simone Wietlisbach buy the hotel

The Arosa Kulm Hotel gets new owners. After two decades, the Grossmann family says goodbye to the traditional house in Arosa.

Urs and Simone Wietlisbach take over the hotel in May 2022. The couple has had close ties to Arosa for many years.

"Simone and I are very pleased to be able to continue the tradition of the Arosa Kulm and to align the hotel for the future," so Urs Wietlisbach.

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