Winery Donatsch

"We have been living for wine for five generations. Always one step ahead of the trends, we have always remained true to tradition and culture. Passion at work and passion for great wines are the philosophy that we live every day."

The Donatsch winery and the «Winzerstube zum Ochsen» in Malans have been owned by the Donatsch family for over 120 years. The family business produces honest wines typical of the area and Thomas Donatsch is considered a revolutionary and locomotive in Swiss viticulture. His wines received many international awards early on. Martin, Thomas Donatsch's son, has his father's willingness to experiment and returned to Malans in 2001 with lots of ideas after internships in top wineries around the world. He is recognized as a two-time world champion of Pinot Noir producers and is already the fifth generation in the winery. The top wines of the Donatsch family have become an indispensable part of the wine lists of Swiss star gastronomy and have been sought-after rarities all over the world since they were highly rated by wine critics such as Robert Parker or René Gabriel. Today, Michelin-starred restaurants in Vienna, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York also list Donatsch’s wines.

Enjoy the high alpine cuisine with the perfectly harmonizing wines from the Donatsch winery. Exciting information, background knowledge and personal stories surround the culinary evening.


Saturday, 5th of March 2022

18:00 Aperitif at the K.Lounge
18:30 Dinner at Restaurant Muntanella

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6-Course Menu with Wine-Pairing
CHF 260