The new Arosa Kulm Hotel
A future characterized by sport, health and sustainability

The traditional house in Arosa is poised for a resurgence of grandeur under the ownership of Simone and Urs Wietlisbach, pending the successful implementation of their plans. The five-star hotel, which operates year-round and offers 624 comfortable beds, as well as over 200 permanent positions, will elevate the town's reputation with a prestigious addition that will have a significant impact.

Since October 2022, the new owners and the board of directors have been intensively considering how the traditional Arosa Kulm Hotel could be led into the future. Now it is clear: the traditional house will be retained in its structure and supplemented by extensions and new buildings. The architectural patchwork that resulted from various renovations in 1882, 1914, 1929-1979 and 2001 is being dissolved and a well-thought-out ensemble is developed from the existing structure.

Comprehensive renovation of the main building

Wood and curved forms will be the dominant exterior design features. The buildings will harmoniously blend into the landscape. The new owners place great emphasis on preserving the hotel's environment and resources, rather than demolishing it and rebuilding it from scratch. Instead, additional hotel rooms, serviced apartments, and secondary residences will be created while strictly adhering to and conforming to building regulations.

The project includes plans for 624 beds. The number of hotel rooms and suites will be increased to 87. Additionally, plans included 76 serviced apartments and 27 secondary residences.

The revenue from the sale of secondary residences and the income from serviced apartments will finance the urgently needed structural renovation and partially resolve the high investment backlog of the historic hotel. Additionally, the hotel will undergo a comprehensive renovation to ensure its sustainability and efficiency. The plan includes installing a pellet heating system combined with refined solar panels integrated into the facade, replacing the current oil heating system and reducing current high energy consumption. The entire building technology will be updated. Local and regional entrepreneurs will be considered for this major renovation.

The investment required to make the Arosa Kulm Hotel fit for the next era, is more than CHF 200 million. The construction application will be submitted in June 2024. Without a building permit, the future of the house is uncertain. If the building permit is granted, the project will be implemented in stages to minimize the impact on residents and guests with construction noise. The transportation of building materials will be handled with utmost consideration for people and the environment.

Five star hotel – in winter and in summer

The Arosa Kulm Hotel is now run as a winter seasonal establishment, but in the future will welcome its guests for ten months per year. The almost year-round operation enables the commitment of over 200 employees who will live in Arosa. Finding apartments for them is a challenge, but a solution is now emerging. As the hotel prepares for the future, the details of its operator or management solution are still being finalized. However, the direction of the five-star hotel has already been established. The hotel remains committed to its heritage as a warm and welcoming destination for families who have been loyal to the Kulm for generations. The hotel's wellness oasis and variety of child-friendly activities and amenities provide a fun and relaxing experience for all guests.

The Arosa Kulm Hotel will present itself as a top-class sports hotel, where qualified experts in health, body, soul, and spirit will provide guests with exceptional care and support. They will assist guests with their fitness plans and nutrition, using high-end training equipment, or accompany them on excursions into the beautiful Arosa mountains for biking or skiing. In the future, the Kulm will also be a place where professional sports teams, can retreat to relax and recharge.

As co-president of the board of trustees of Schweizer Sporthilfe and president of the Passion Schneesport Foundation, the new owner Urs Wietlisbach has a clear vision:

«I love Arosa and am fascinated by sport. That's why I'm committed to make this traditional hotel a sustainable and forward-thinking destination.»

Stick to tradition

By combining modern and traditional elements, The Kulm aims to create an inviting atmosphere that will welcome guests in a beautiful, aesthetic and warm setting, making it feel like a home.

The new owner Simone Wietlisbach says:

«I would like to sensitize and inspire people in weekly courses and workshops on topics related to health, body, mind, soul and nutrition, as well as meditation and mental training. We will be supported by top experts in this field.»

Anyone who is committed to delicious food, sport, health and the joy of life will feel at home in the new Arosa Kulm.

Facts about the new Arosa Kulm Hotel:
  • it will be open for 10 months each year, which is six months longer than it was before.
  • it will have more than 200 employees working all year round.
  • it will have 87 hotel rooms and suites combined.
  • it will have 206 warm beds.
  • it will include 76 serviced apartments and 27 second homes.