Working at the Kulm

The Arosa Kulm Hotel is a big picture made out of many team members, the "Kulmianers". It can be seen as a puzzle in which one part is missing. And this missing part can be YOU!

The Kulm-Tradion: To inspire with passion!

Are you as well a fan of those small details which are surprising our guests in a very positive way? With just few things we can demonstrate 5 star service in an informal way that make ourselves unique in the eyes of our guests and makes him feeling home, regardless how old he is or where he comes from.

The benefits for you:

  • An interesting, informative and diversified workplace
  • Team spirit and cordiality within the team
  • Cross trainings in other departments
  • Trainings and workshops & the Kulm Academy
  • Staff teams in Soccer & Ice Hockey
  • Events & Trips (e.g. hiking tours, ski trips and many more)
  • Participation in the "Kulm-Passion" workshop

A human being is a trinity out of body, mind and soul or in different words out of thinking, feeling and acting

If your thinking, your feeling and your acting is focusing towards the hospitality and if you also care about the personal satisfaction of all people who are related to the Kulm, then we need you in our team!