alpinspa Rituals

Mens sana in corpore sano – A healthy mind in a healthy body

Satura X in Lieber IV der Satureae. vers 356


alpinspa – experience, feel and experience the power of the elements

Draw from the strength of the mountains, the water and the incomparably pure air of the Alps. Three holistic wellness rituals combined with elements from the local Alps are expecting you. The phase of letting go will lead you into the conscious relaxation – for a vital life.

alpinspa – Ritual ACQUA  (duration: 120min)          CHF 275 per person

  • gentle exfoliant foot bath with gems
  • steam bath ceremonies
  • Peeling-massage with a basic mixture of gem salt & forest honey
  • relaxing lymphatic drainage from top to toe to regenerate

Our Spa-Tip: ideal for a short stay of one night.

alpinspa – Ritual ESSENZIA (duration: 120min)          CHF 275 per person

  • gentle soap-brush massage for blood circulation
  • full body mask with detox effect
  • soothing massage with mountain herbs

Our Spa-Tip: The treatments of the ESSENZIA Ritual should be arranged in a stay of 2–3 nights in order to allow your body enough time to relax. In combination with the ACQUA Ritual you maximize the value of the ESSENZIA Ritual.


alpinspa – ritual VIVA (duration: 5-6h)          CHF 900 per

  • bioenergetic Vita-Check to discover the Dys-balances
  • heat ceremonies in the Sanarium
  • stamp massage with mountain herbs
  • active DNA Cryo-cosmetics with glacier
  • hot stone massage with energetic Grisons stones,

Our Spa-Tip: For this Ritual you should be our guest for min. 4–7 nights.